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Welcome to the Portland Sound Sanctuary. 

We are a Heart and Sound-centered community offering Sound Healing, Sound Bath, and Toning events & classes with Mikaela Jones, Viola Rose, and a rotating ensemble of heart centered Sound Alchemists in and around Portland, Oregon. We embrace and share the magical healing power of Sound Vibration in the form of music and voices/toning in groups--along with conscious breath work, heart based centering, intentional ceremony, and sacred cacao elixirs-- creating a sanctuary space for deep relaxation, rejuvenation, Higher Self communication, and inspiration in our events. 

Here is a short introductory video about us:

Contact us:

We offer regular public events throughout the month.
you are welcome to join our facebook group
where we post invites to all our upcoming events.

Please visit the UPCOMING EVENTS tab on the top of this page to see all our upcoming events.

you may also send us a message here or at PortlandSoundSanctuary@Gmail.com

We offer private Soundbaths 
for events, parties ,workshops, retreats & corporate settings
1-2 hour Sound-baths with both Viola and Mikaela. 

We also offer half day and full day events that onclude Sound-baths, toning, intention setting, manifestation instruction and meditation. We are also willing to travel.

Who are we?

Mikaela Jones has been offering sound healing events since 2006. She has over twenty years training/teaching experience in spiritual & healing traditions from intensive sound healing and vocal toning training with Jonathan Goldman, Wayne Perry, and Steven Halpern, to meditation, manifestation, hypnotherapy, New Thought, Modern Mystery school training & Reiki. She provides individual & small group sound healing bath sessions from her home in SW Portland, and is also the author of "The Book of Light: 365 Ways to Bring Light Into Your Life" and “The Little Book of Light: 111 Ways to Bring Light Into Your Life”, both released by RedWheelWeiser. Mikaela plays the crystal singing & tibetan singing bowls, Chinese solar gong, a plethora of sacred healing tuning fork frequencies, shamanic drum, various chimes, rainstick, etc., and uses her voice for harmonics. Her Intention is to restore your Being to harmony & joy so that you may shine your light with the world. You can visit her website to learn more and to book private sound healing sessions at  http://www.HealingSoundBaths.com/

Viola Rose is a "Transformational Sound Artist" and has been combining Music and Healing as Sound-Healing in her own inspired way for over 25 years. A Multi-Instrumentalist and inspired Vocalist, she enjoys playing Handpan, Gong, Native Flute, Shamanic drum, Sansula, Didgeridoo, and more, with her favorite instrument being her voice. Viola has an extensive background in Spirituality and Metaphysics as well. She is a Heart-based meditation workshop teacher certified with the School of Remembering, and is also a Sound-Healer, Gong Practitioner, Energy Worker, Reiki Practitioner, Certified Holistic Health Coach, certified Laughter Yoga teacher and advocate for living from the Heart. .Viola has a deep love for the profound ability of Sacred Sound to heal the Heart and balance the Body/Mind/Spirit. Viola is committed to using music to create more beauty in the world and living with Joy. Visit Viola's website for more info and to book individual and small group Sound sessions, Gong-Baths, music for events, or Handpan lessons. http://DreamTheNewDream.com/