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I absolutely love these soundbaths! I experience such a deep relaxation during and after each sound bath. It helps relieve stress and gives me a safe space to unwind. The tones are amazing and can be felt vibrationally throughout my body. Truly incredible! - Lisa K

 I'm so thrilled to have access to your Sound Baths locally, I leave feeling grounded and centered and super rested. And getting introduced to the gong has been life altering!!! Grateful for you. Jennifer H.C.

Sound baths are the equivalent of liquid valium. I feel everything physiological, mental and emotional shifting while I'm 'bathing'. 
The very first full sound bath I attended was so relaxing that it was probably not very smart of me to drive home.
 My body was like rubber and I REALLY had to focus and concentrate on keeping my car in the lane. I'm sure I appeared to be a drunk driver,,,,,OH,,,and my ears don't ring (tinnitus) for about 2 days after. Absolutely heavenly~~~~   - Kris M.

Your sound baths really hit my "reset" button. I wish I wouldn't have told so many people about em so they wouldn't be crowded 😉jk!   - Laura P.

The sound baths have helped tremendously. I wish I could afford all of them. With suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, several blood disorders, severe PTSD and escaping from a life threatening situation.. these baths are true peace, joy and relaxation in a way nothing else can do. It helps with pain levels and keeping emotions balanced. Being around so much love and care brightens my day. I love you guys for what you do - Shannon G.

 I find myself at the end of each sound bath in the most remarkable gentle and relaxed of moods. I feel smiley and loving.  Cumulatively, I feel tuned into flow since being 'tuned' in so many sound baths. I notice that my regular pains that used to be in my arms and rib are not present any longer. Manifestation powers are remarkably stronger I think as a result of repetitious resonating of higher vibrations experienced in the baths. 
This type of intentional sound is so beneficial. Everything I've read about it and watched about it says 'YES!!'! I am grateful to get to see and hear about the positive and varied impact it has on others. I'm curious to watch how the art of sound healing grows in importance and value in America. 
Thank you for all of your efforts Mikaela and Viola! You do good work. Keep it going!  - Nate J. 

During the sound baths, I feel the sensation of the 'muck' running out of my body, as the beautiful energy moves thru me. I especially feel tingling on the left side of my head, which is where I have a brain injury and a bunch of scar tissue. I attend as many as my budget allows, and am so grateful for the experiences- Consuela H. 

The cacao ceremony sound-bath was quite an experience. We all felt very well cared for… Mikaela and Viola are wonderfull, loving guides.
I have been noticing gentle releases of various kinds, which are most welcome. I had another this morning in the head, and neck areas, upon awakening… all very positive. The ceremony was powerful, the music beautiful. You are both truly gifted.   With Love, & Gratitude ~ C.A.

Thank you Mikaela Jones and Viola Rose for the amazing and unique experience of the ethereal sound bath! Portland Sound Sanctuary is amazing I can’t wait for the gongs!!! Love 💗 you ladies!!! -Jill